For those that haven’t done this already here are the steps to install Minecraft Eduational Edition at home. You will need either a Windows 10 PC, iPad or a Mac. If it’s a really old iPad or Mac then it may not work.

Step 1 – Go to the download website

Go to the download page by clicking the picture below:

Step 2 – Download appropriate version for your device

The page should suggest the right version for you to download (see red arrow). Students should probably get a parent to supervise this process as it may require authentication. If you have an older version of M:E:E there is a link to update to the latest (1.12.60) on the download page.

Step 3 – Login

Once it is installed you should be able to start it and login using your school account. Remember, it has to be a full email address so it should look something like with your school password. Do NOT type in ‘’. If you’ve forgotten your password then you’ll need to let me know so I can get tech support to reset it for you. That will take time.

You must have internet access in order to sign in – otherwise it may only allow you to try the demo lesson which is not a bad alternative if you can’t login at all.

The syntax for the username for St. Andrews students is: <first 4 letters of surname><school ID number>
If your surname has less than 4 letters then it will only have those letters. For example, if your surname was the same as mine and you school ID was 1001 your full school account email would be:

If your student can’t remember their school ID I can look it up for them. It’s usually a 4 or 5 digit number.

If you get to this screen you are nearly there! I have blurred out my email address as I don’t want to confuse you as my username has a different syntax (it is not ong1001). Students should hopefully remember their password as they use it every time they have digital technologies classes. This doesn’t apply to prep, year 1 and 2 students as they all use the same login and do not have separate accounts – and therefore cannot use Minecraft [update: year 2 students now have their own accounts].

Step 4 – Test

If it worked then you should see the screen with your character and the play button. To test you can create your own world, but you won’t be able to join a world with other students unless the teacher hosts a world and sends you the join code.