Using NPCs in M:EE

Short video intro into using NPCs


Using non-player characters (NPCs) in Minecraft is a good way of adding your own content into a world that you are creating for others. They can interact with players in several ways:

  • Displaying a fixed dialogue when players click on them. This may provide them with important information about the world or clues for a treasure hunt.
  • Display one or more buttons that run commands or open up web page. This is where we need to have a good understanding of Minecraft slash commands.
  • Stay in a fixed position. NPCs do not move although they can fall downwards. They can only be added and removed by a ‘world builder’.

Step 1 – Find NPC egg from Inventory

On the inventory screen search for ‘NPC’. I called it an egg but in Minecraft it isn’t called an egg.

Step 2 – Toggle World Builder ‘on’

Why doesn’t this NPC egg spawn an NPC?
Toggle the World Builder mode ‘on’
True = world builder mode is on

Step 3 – Place and configure NPC

Right-click the NPC egg in the world. Now it works!
Set the name and skin on this screen
You can only paste text into this screen using Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V).
You can also use the left/right arrows to position the cursor.

Step 4 – Advanced Settings to add URL or Command

Add a URL to display a web page or a command to run a Minecraft slash command.
You can paste the URL using Ctrl-V (or Cmd-V). Make sure the content of the web page is appropriate.
It’s a good idea to test your command in Minecraft first.

There are 3 options for when the command is run:

  • Button mode – the user must click the button for the command to run. You can set the label for the button.
  • On enter – the command is run when the user right-clicks the NPC to read the dialogue.
  • On exit – the command is run is when the user closes the dialogue box.

Step 5 – Test your NPC

You must turn world builder mode ‘off’ before you test it. Use the /wb command to toggle it off. False = off.
Now you should be able to see the dialogue text, any buttons and the result of any commands.


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