Building Walls in Minecraft

This weeks Digital Technologies lesson is to use code to give your agent wall building skills. This is quite different from digging tunnels as that only required destroying blocks. Now we have to place blocks to create 3D structures. Students will need to arrange their screens so they can read the instructions and see Minecraft at the same time. This might not be possible if they are using an iPad.

The instructions for the wall building commands are on the following page also on this website (see link below). They will need to create their own world (creative and peaceful) to test their code. They may need some reminders to stay on task as sometimes they get a bit carried away once they enter the immersive Minecraft world.

By the end of the lesson they should be able to demonstrate the commands to:

  • Build a wall with 1 layer of blocks
  • Build a wall with multiple layers of blocks
  • Build a longer wall with multiple layers of blocks
  • Build a wall with different types of blocks
  • Build 4 walls in a square – like the walls of a house

This is just the start of the amazing 3D structures that can be built with code, creativity and hard work.


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