The Chrome Music Lab contains many different apps you can experiment with – click the image above to navigate to the website

You do not need to login to start creating, but this also means that your creations are not automatically saved. You will need to export your work or save a link before leaving the website.

If you are using an iPad I recommend using the Safari browser.

The Song Maker app

This is my favourite app in the lab as it is the most flexible. Click the image above or this link:

The blank project screen shows 4 sections representing 4 bars – each with 4 beats.
The lower section is for the drums or percussion – there are several choices for the type of percussion. Click the dots in the 2 rows to add the different sounds (e.g kick drum and snare).
The largest section is for the melody and/or chords. Click each square to add a note. There are several instrument types to choose from (e.g. marimba, piano, strings).
This is just a sample, but your song can look and sound totally different. You can hear what this song sounds like by clicking the image.
These are several important buttons: 1) Play your song; 2) Change settings and 3) Save. When you play the song it repeats in a loop.
In the settings you can change the length and sound of the song or even extend the range of notes that you can play.
The Save button presents several options. If you are on a computer I recommend downloading the WAV format file. This should also work on iPads if you are using the Safari browser too. You can use the ‘Copy Link’ button, but remember to save the link somewhere otherwise it’s gone for good once the browser page is closed.