Canva is a powerful multimedia creation tool that has similar features to PosterMyWall. It was created by an Australian company and has generously been made available for free to schools. It is available as a website tool or as an app for iPads.

Creating or logging into a student account

Each year level must use a special invitation link to join the correct class in Canva. Select the appropriate class from the list below:

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Follow the steps below to use your school account to sign up/in.

Learning to use Canva

Canva has lots of short video tutorials that may help with getting started.

Canva has dozens of templates that can help you get started. Click the small arrow to close the list.
The controls at the top change depending upon which component you have selected.
Use the Text tool to add any sort of text with hundreds of different fonts, colours, styles etc.
There are hundreds of free to use photos. Use the search to help find something you like.
If you can’t find the tools on the left you may need to click the ‘…More’ button. Students should not use any social media apps.
You can also upload your own content from your computer. This could be an image, video or audio file.
You can share your designs with others. Please ensure it does not contain any personal information.
If you are working together with someone you can allow them to edit your design. Set it to ‘Can view’ if you just want their feedback.
To download your design click the download button at the top right. It is recommended that you compress the file for images.
If you have multiple pages the download will be combined into a single zip file that you will need to extract. To avoid this you can select a single page to download.
Select which pages to download, next click the ‘Done’ and then the ‘Download’ button.
If your design has animations, audio or a movie the suggested file type will be an MP4 video. You can change the file type but it may not support all the features of your design (e.g. GIF supports animation/video, but not sound).
If you want to share a link (URL) to your design you can also use the Share button, modify the permission to ‘view’ then click the ‘Copy link’ to copy the URL to the clipboard. Anyone that clicks the link will be able to view your design without logging into Canva.


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