Importing Code into Minecraft

Step 1 – Press ‘C’ to enter the code builder

Then select the first option which should say Microsoft MakeCode.

To activate the code builder on iPads click the button that looks like an agent.

Step 2 – Click the Import button

Step 3 – Click the Import URL option

Step 4 – Copy this URL into your clipboard

Select one of the following URLs and then press Ctrl-C or right click and select ‘Copy’. Remember to select the whole URL:

Step 5 – Paste the URL into the address box

URLDescription Structures 2.3 – requires operator permissions Tunnel, stairs, room, wall, square, house, walls and pyr (pyramid) commands Tunnel, stairs, room, wall, square and house commands Mining commands: Tunnel, stairs and room
List of available code libraries.

Use Ctrl-V to paste the URL (address) into the text box (see below) then click the ‘Go ahead!’ button.

Step 6 – Examine the imported code

There are 2 main chat commands, but you will notice something different about them (see red arrows).

Step 7 – Test the chat commands

When you call or run the digd or tun chat commands you must provide a parameter. This tells the code how many levels to dig down (digd) or how long to make the tunnel (tun).

With these commands you can create a complex underground tunnel system

Tip 1 – Turn on coordinates in settings

It’s a good idea to change your settings to display your coordinates when you are mining. You should keep an eye on the ‘y’ coordinate as it gets closer to zero. Why?

More Commands to Experiment with

  • Room N M – create an underground room with agent
  • Square X – create a flat square on ground using the builder
  • House X Y – create a square house X blocks wide and Y blocks tall using the builder
  • Wall X Y – create a wall that is X blocks wide and Y blocks tall using the builder
  • Walls X Y – create 4 walls that are X blocks wide (square) and Y blocks tall using the builder
  • Pyr X – create a pyramid (or roof) shaped structure that is X blocks wide (square) using the builder

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