Storytelling in Minecraft

There are some amazing worlds that people have spent weeks or months creating. It may be difficult to see the ‘educational’ value in creating such things, but when you think of the process of designing, creating, refining and often collaborating with many others you realise how it employs the use of so many skills.

A lot of my students will remember the world we will explore this week. It is a world inspired by a famous Roald Dahl book called ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’. Here’s a short preview of the world:

Lesson Objective

The goal of this lesson is to for students to explore this magnificent world and then write down some details of their journey. What did they enjoy, where did they visit, did they have any problems. If they want they can type it up and email it to me or handwrite it and take a picture. The main thing is that they document their journey in some form. They might also like to read the book or listen to it and see if the Minecraft version fits the description they imagined.

Ok, here are the steps to import this world into Minecraft…

Step 1 – Start Minecraft Education Edition and login

I skipped the installation step as I’m assuming you’ve done this already. If not instructions are here.

Step 2 – Click Play -> View Library

Step 3 – Click Lessons

Step 4 – Select ‘Language Arts’

Step 5 – Select ‘Additional Lessons’

Step 6 – Finally! Select Fantastic Mr. Fox

Step 7 – Click ‘Create World’

This might take a few seconds as it downloads, imports and loads the world.

Step 8 – Explore

You start just outside Mr. Fox’s house. You can access all 3 farms by following the signs in the tunnels inside his house. It’s very clever. It actually teleports you to various locations in the world when you trigger a trip wire.

If you are wondering why your child cannot change anything (or they complain about it) that’s because the default setting on this world is ‘Adventure Mode’. This means the world is immutable except for certain areas that they’ve defined. You could change the settings of course and wreak havoc but why would you?

You can also explore by flying around the world or teleporting yourself. To teleport to different locations you need to know the coordinates and then run the ‘tp’ command. You do this by pressing the [/] slash key then typing in the command ‘tp’ then the coordinates. Here’s a list of significant places in the world and the ‘tp’ command to get you there:

LocationTeleport Coordinates
Fox Home Tree/tp 532 104 812
Farmers’ Digging Machines/tp 489 73 917
Bean Farm/tp 542 74 176
Bean Farm, Cellar/tp 544 53 127
Bunce Farm/tp 296 76 360
Boggis Farm/tp 837 73 440
Underground Building Area for Animal Village/tp 648 9 753


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