Uploading backgrounds to Scratch

The built-in Scratch backgrounds are pretty nice, but there are so much more available online. You can also make them yourself using websites like PosterMyWall.com. These instructions assume you have downloaded a background from Google Images or PosterMyWall and now you want to upload it into your Scratch project. Let’s go!

All the backdrops are in the Stage part of Scratch
We want to add the background we downloaded to the stage. Remember to hover over the add button to get the options.
This can be tricky, but you need to find the image that you downloaded. If you made in PosterMyWall it will have a name similar to the picture above.
Ok, looks good… but it doesn’t quite fill the whole area. Let’s stretch it!
Vectors allow you to stretch them in any direction. Use the little squares in the corner to stretch your background so it fills the whole area.


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