Sequence with CodeSpark

In this lesson we will be using is an app called Codespark which is available on Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) devices. You can read about it on their website here. All students have a free account which they have already used in class. However, most families will need to install it on their home iPads/tablets. You do NOT have to pay to use this app so long as it is using their school account.

If you have an iPad use this link to install it or search in the app store:

For Android devices use the following link:

If you do not have a iPad or tablet there is also a website that you can use from any browser. Students have had a brief introduction to this and some initially struggled to use the mouse on the desktop computers in our lab, but quickly got the hang of it after a few minutes. They learn quick – with help of course! Use this link to use the browser version of the app:

When you load the app you should see the following screen or something very similar:

You may be tempted to select the big green ‘Parents Start Here’ button, but you must resist and instead tap the ‘Schools’ button that is highlighted in the top-left corner.

This choice should be easier.

Next tap the Students button that is highlighted on the picture above.

Hmmm… what is a classroom code?

Then tap the ‘Use Classroom Code’ button.

It won’t accept XXXXX. What did I do wrong?

This is where things get a little complicated. The classroom code is different for each of the prep classes AND it only last for 48 hours after I generate it. This means I can’t put it in a nice graphic for you as it will likely change during the week. Instead you will need to visit this page and maybe refresh/reload it to get the latest code. However, you only have to do this once and then your device will be connected permanently (as long as you don’t logout of the student account).

Prep PVVVJG10pm Tue 19/5/2020
Prep SVAXST10pm Tue 19/5/2020
Please email me if you need a new a new code.

If you made it this far you’ve done very well and deserve a coffee break. You should see the screen below.

Click the green play button. Do NOT click Parents or Schools as that will start the process all over again.

I’ve put together an introductory video for parents to help their children work through the puzzles. These puzzles introduce basic coding concepts. That might scare some people and often they think I’m joking when I say I teach coding to prep students. Perhaps it makes more sense if I explain it as problem solving puzzles that requires logical thinking, experimentation and creativity.

These puzzles do increase in difficulty so if your child ever gets stuck and needs some suggestions then you can always refer to the solution guides by clicking this link:

Everybody needs help sometimes – even the teacher who did coding for 20 years!


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