Week 3

We have covered quite a lot in the first few weeks of term 2. This week I don’t want to introduce anything new, but allow students some time to continue working at their own pace through the puzzles. I know a few students have finished the Advanced Sequence chapter and might be keen to continue, but I would prefer if they consolidate rather than keep rushing through. Typically these are the students that I would ask to help others in the class and they love to do that. It is also very interesting to hear how they explain the solutions to their classmates. I learn from them. Often teaching others really helps to consolidate concepts in our minds. With that idea, you might like to ask your child how they came up with their solution. If they did it by trial and error the first time ask them how they would do it again. What would they do differently?

Maybe they can explain the solution to a sibling or a parent who hasn’t seen the puzzles yet. Encourage them to tell explain ‘why’ the solution works and not just what the solution is. This kind of problem solving is just wonderful and I am often amazed at how quickly they comprehend and master complex reasoning.


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