Pixel Art Animations on iPad

There are lots of iPad apps for doing pixel art. However, many students have school iPads that they cannot install apps on so this post will provide some tips for using pixilart.com using Safari on an iPad.

When you first navigate to the pixilart.com website everything looks pretty similar to the web version that I describe on this page. You click the ‘Start drawing’ button and you will see the blank project page. You might see some tips appear that will show you the main features.

Oh and notice the iPad is oriented in landscape. If you hold it vertically (portrait) then you get a compacted screen that minimises the tools and options. This might be good if you want to focus just on drawing.

Who can say no to helpful tips?
Next click the ‘New Drawing’ button. The default size of 100 x 100 is good.
The blank project screen looks almost identical to the desktop version, but there’s no checkbox to lock the frame area.
There are lots of settings.
This option will lock the frames panel so it’s always visible
Done. Now it’s almost identical to the desktop version – even the annoying ads.
Downloading the GIF and saving the project file are the same… except on the iPad they will be sent to the Files app.


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