Prep and Year 1 – puzzles

Logging in

Each year level has their own section code:

Alternatively you can navigate to and enter the section code (see screen shots below):

  • Prep: JJKHMV
  • Year 1: HQTJYZ
Enter the section code and click Join.
Select student name, secret picture then click ‘Sign in’

Select starting lesson and puzzle

Students work through these puzzles at their own pace and sometimes may skip ones they find a bit hard. They should do them sequentially as they get progressively more complex.

In this example the student should start in Lesson 1 and puzzle 6 as it is the first incomplete (non-green) puzzle on the list. If they have already completed a puzzle they shouldn’t need to do it again. This student could also start in Lesson 2 and puzzle 3.

Completing a puzzle

For each puzzle students must complete it by following the instructions provided. The amount of reading is minimal and the course for prep students is designed for pre-readers, but they may need some initial help getting started. One rule of thumb is that whenever an orange button is visible that is usually the one they need to click to go to the next step.

Remind students to click the orange button to go to the next step.

Click the orange arrow to go to the next puzzle
At the end of each lesson is another orange button to go to the next lesson. Encourage students to take short breaks if they feel tired.
The coding puzzles get progressively harder. Younger students will need some assistance with understanding the instructions.
The challenge puzzles are especially difficult.


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