Google Images – Searching Tips

Most students learn how to Google things pretty quickly. When it comes to images we do need to be careful that they aren’t exposed to inappropriate materials as best we can. There are search engines that are built specifically for children, but I thought I would cover the Google features first as a starting point.

Search terms and SafeSearch

As a general rule the more specific your search terms (keywords) the better your results will be. However, even the most innocent of terms can return inappropriate material if SafeSearch is not turned on. Most browsers will activate it by default, but you should check that this is the case especially if the computer is used by others.

SafeSearch is good at filtering most of the inappropriate material kids are likely to encounter.

More search options

If you want a picture of cute cats for use in a certain project you can use the extra search options to include only certain images that match other criteria like the size, background colour etc.

The Tools button reveals several image searching options that can help you find what you want
Experiment with the search options to see how it changes the results
Respecting copyright laws is an important principle for students
Garfield images are protected by Copyright law

Downloading an image to your device

Make sure you right-click. On Apple computers you use the 2-finger tap
It’s a good practice to name files that you download


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