Advanced Sequence and Loops with Codesparks

Some of the puzzles in chapter 2 are quite difficult. If your child needs more time to complete them please feel free to work on them again this week. I’ve updated the previous lesson with new connection codes, but you should only need them if you have logged out of the school account.

This week we are focusing on chapter 3 of the puzzles which explores the advanced sequence and loops. Make no mistake these puzzles are difficult even for adults and it will take a lot of patience, experimentation and attempts to solve them. I just worked my through them all and it was tricky. If you find you have to help them through many of the puzzles that’s ok so long as you explain why you think it will work. Normally in class I will spend at least 30 minutes helping individual students and the teacher’s aide will be doing that too. Initially I might tell them exactly what to do. Later, I will do some of the puzzle and let them do the rest. I want them to become independent learners, but I don’t want them to be frustrated. If they are tired or have had enough I will tell them to stop straight away.

If students can work through the first 8 puzzles they are doing very well. Set a time limit of about 30 minutes – then they should take a break. Don’t expect them to get 3 stars on all of these puzzles – try them yourself – they aren’t easy!

You will ninja level coding skills to complete these puzzles!

Naomi the ninja has several unique skills that she can use to complete her quest.

Grow block allows you to grow or shrink to one of 3 sizes: small, medium and large

When she’s big, she can break crates by walking into them or jumping on them and when she’s small she can fit through tight spaces.

Who knew bananas were so useful.

When bananas hit gems they collect them. They can also break wooden crates, but they cannot retrieve kites (1 – 8) or the golden clues (9 – 17).

Chests must be unlocked with the golden key.

Each chest contains a gem that you must collect in order to get 3 stars. Once you unlock a chest with the key it disappears and the gem is released. You won’t see the gold key until level 7.

Here’s a link to the solutions for chapter 3 in case you need help:


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