Using TextCraft in Scratch projects

Sometimes you just need some fancy fonts that Scratch cannot provide or maybe you just love a particular game themed style of text that you simply must have in your Scratch project. Well, TextCraft might just have the answer you are looking for. TextCraft is a free website (we love those) that you may remember from another video post. I don’t really like watching videos when all I want are quick solutions and tips. Ok, so here are the steps to finding, downloading and using TextCraft fonts in your Scratch project.

Step 1 – Navigate to the website

It’s best to open a new browser tab so you can quickly get back to your Scratch project. Click the + on your tab bar, Ctrl-T (windows) or command-T (mac) and then goto this website:

Step 2 – Create your text

You can literally spend hours doing this. It’s a little tricky to get used but the important thing to remember is to change the settings and then click the size buttons (even if you’re not changing the size) to update the preview at the top of the screen.

Lots of options here to play with.

Step 3 – Download your image

The great thing about this site (aside from it being free) is that the image of your text that you download has a transparent background and is also a PNG file which makes it perfect for using in Scratch.

Time to download!
You should find your downloaded image in your Downloads folder. If you are on an iPad it probably goes into Photos.

Step 4 – Upload into Scratch

Now you go back into the scratch website and in your project you want to add a sprite by uploading.

Hover don’t click! On iPads you might have to tap and hold. I often forget.

This will display a file dialog box where you can find the image that you downloaded. Don’t forget to look in the ‘downloads’ folder.

Once it is added to your project you probably want to resize it a bit. There are a few steps to do this.

What is a ‘vector’ image and how is it different to a ‘bitmap’? Excellent question. I think it deserves a post of its own.

Once the sizing handles are displayed you can then use them to resize your image and/or rotate it.


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