I really like the PosterMyWall.com website as a simple but powerful graphical editing tool. If we combine it with Scratch as an animating tool there are lots of things we can do. In this post I will describe several challenges for students to try.

Challenge 1 – Animate a poster

This requires you to create a simple poster using PosterMyWall.com (instructions here) and then download it and use it in Scratch as a background. If you can’t remember how to upload backgrounds into Scratch I have created this page to help. Then add some animated sprites to make the poster come to life.

I’ve added these stars in Scratch… I wonder what kind of animations I could add?

Challenge 2 – Animate the text and sprites

Create a background in PosterMyWall again, but this time use Scratch to add animated text to the poster like we did in an earlier Scratch project.

There are some very cool free backgrounds in PosterMyWall

Challenge 3 – Multiple backgrounds with animated text, sprites and sound!

You can actually create sprites in PosterMyWall using the transparent background and editing tools like I demonstrate in the 3rd video on this page. There’s really no limit other than your creativity and time. I wonder what you can make with both of these powerful tools.